Sunday, June 2, 2013

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3.5 Stars
Time Untime is sort-of a companion piece to Retribution. If you enjoyed that one, you'll probably like this one. The thing is, Retribution was one of my least favorite books in the Dark Hunter series. I think I have reached maximum capacity on large-scale additional mythology in this already complicated universe. I felt very disconnected to the Native American elements featured so heavily in that book and I knew that same thread would continue into this one.

Some of the problems I had with Retribution did pop up again here. But not all of them. The Native American mythology is central to the story, but the familiar Greek pantheon is woven in. Add to that a healthy dose of familiar favorites, like Acheron, Nick, Uriel, Sundown and Sasha, and it made it much more palatable.

The hero of the story is Ren, who we got to know during Sundown's book. He is one of those trademark Kenyon tortured heroes. Descended from a goddess and thrust into the care of the...

Time Untime (Dark-Hunter)

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