Thursday, June 13, 2013

>>> Barefoot in the Sun (Barefoot Bay) Half Off

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Great addition to a very good series.
Barefoot in the Sun is the 3rd book in Ms. St.Claire's Barefoot Bay series. The first two were great reading so I knew that this one would be too. The premise is a familiar one;two people in love, driven apart by circumstances beyond their control who find each other years later. Ms. St.Claire adds enough twists to the story to make it fresh and enjoyable. Zoe is a woman who has spent most of her life running from people, emotions, situations and she isn't sure she can ever stop. She left Oliver when he didn't respond as she would have liked to the true story of her life. Unfortunately for Oliver, he was in the midst of the biggest turning point of his life and the two end up apart. They meet again at a very difficult time for Zoe and as hard as Oliver tries to show that he is there for her, she can't shed the old habits.

Both of these characters have made mistakes in their relationship but the chemistry between them is off the charts. Both of them have resentments to...

Barefoot in the Sun (Barefoot Bay)

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