Tuesday, June 11, 2013

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This was such a fun read! Two great stories in one package, who wouldn't love that. The two stories were first published as ebooks with their own titles but are connected together through characters from her other books and can or is apart of a series you can say.
First book story is Seduced by A Pirate
This was a short novella connecting with Eloisa's The Ugly Duchess book.
Tells the story of Sir Griffin Barry son of a Viscount returning home after 14 years at sea captaining his own ship called the Flying Poppy, named after his wife, to which he haven't seen since their first meeting at their wedding day night 14 years ago.
Phoebe on the other hand is not ready to receive a husband that ran away on their wedding night, unconsummating their marriage. But most of all how will he think coming home to a house with 3 children!?
This was a great read and was quite enjoyable, since many readers have met him in The Ugly Duchess, being cousin to hero, James Ryburn,...

As You Wish

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