Tuesday, May 21, 2013

^ Royal Mistress: A Novel Promo Offer

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Jane Shore a Woman Who was Mistress of a King
Jane Lambert is the daughter of a textile mercer. At age 22 she is unmarried. Her parents, especially her pious and controlling father wants her to be married and out of his home. Any sexuality in his view is despicable and sin. When he looks at his daughter his eyes show hatred. On the other hand Jane's younger sister Isabel is the father's darling. Jane is happy to be unmarried; although she pines for love, or rather a lover who will sweep her off her feet and out of the controlling home of her father. Jane's romantic nature, coupled with her sensual and beautiful body, as well as her charming personality, makes her intoxicating to any virile man.
Jane's father arranges a marriage for her. Her new husband is also a mercer, William Shore. Jane is prompt in the duties of working in a mercer's trade. She is appalled at being married to a dour-faced icy-cold man. Their union is a mistake for both.
Edward IV is King of England, his wife is Elizabeth Woodville,...

Royal Mistress: A Novel

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