Tuesday, May 28, 2013

> Holding the Dream: The Dream Trilogy #2 Reviews

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Continuing the "Dream"
Nora Roberts continues what she started in "Daring to Dream" in this wonderful second book of the trilogy.

Kate Powell, cousin to the Templeton children who was raised as one of their own after the death of her own parents when she was a child, has spent her whole life trying to be the best at everything she does so that she can "pay them back" for their generosity. Close to her goal of becoming partner in an accounting firm, her world is rocked by not one but two revelations -- the first, that her father had a cloud of scandal hanging over him at the time of his death, and the second, that she suddenly finds herself facing a similar scandal. In addition stress and worry make her ill, and she is forced to re-evaluate her life and her goals.

Kate is a wonderful heroine. She's strong, independent, smart, and far easier to relate to than the glamorous Margo of the first book. Her independent streak and desire to stand on her own take some getting used to for...

Holding the Dream: The Dream Trilogy #2

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