Wednesday, May 22, 2013

> Don't Tempt Me (Georgian) Discount

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5 Klovers - Courtesy of CK2S Kwips & Kritiques
Born into poverty, Simon Quinn has made his way in this world with his fists and his considerable charm. Those talents made him the perfect undercover agent for England, hence his recruitment into the covert organization.

But Simon tires of living the life of a spy, and finds he is ready to retire. He has just one last mission before he is free of his commitments - trade his captive, the French spy Lysette Rousseau, to their French adversaries in exchange for the lives of his men.

But his superiors want to know why the French are agreeable to such an uneven trade, and they assign him one more mission - to watch the mysterious Lysette and ferret out her secrets.

But something is different about Lysette... Simon has never been attracted to her - until now. Instead of cold and dangerous, this woman is sweet and beguiling. It is almost as if they were two completely different women...

From the moment Sylvia Day first introduced the...

Don't Tempt Me (Georgian)

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