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Too many guest stars and a glaring continuity error
First, for long time lovers of this series, let me say it is much better than the Lady is a Vamp. I liked both Anders and Valerie and think they could be a good match. Unfortunately, they didn't spend much time talking and interacting with each other. Valerie spent more time talking and being with Leigh than Anders. About halfway through the book I was thinking about getting a score card to keep track of how many different leads from previous books made guest appearances. I was glad to see each of them, but there were so many guest stars it got overwhelming and in the way of seeing this couple actually interact with each other and fall in love. I would NOT recommend this book as a place to start the series.

As a result, the book was a four star for me until the very end when an inconsistancy made me scream and cost it a star.

**mild spoiler alert**

The villan of the book had been holding Valerie captive at the beginning of the book and near the end she...

Immortal Ever After: An Argeneau Novel

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